Purpose-driven people practices. 


Our team is passionate about connection and cultivating courageous workplaces. 
No matter what stage of business you’re in or regardless of where your career 
has led you, we can take you to the next level. 

Grant  McCarthy

Founder, Managing Partner
Tidal Ventures,
Sydney, Australia

Tidal had a very unique need outside the norm of a general engagement for people and culture requirements. The Grove & Co are trusted for their capabilities and breadth of Australian and International experience; we found no one was better suited.

Kalyn Ponti

CEO, Human Kind
Auckland, New Zealand

Rhonda is outstanding. With our work, I've increased my awareness both personally and of my leadership.

Jonathon Doochin

CEO, Segen and Soligent
Miami, Florida USA

Rhonda is a fantastic coach and strategic advisor to myself and my executive team. She’s also a thought partner on the most critical, confidential, strategic and tactical conversations. 

Sebastaan Paul

Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer
 Labora Capital Partners
London, UK

Rhonda had been truly invaluable as a sparring partner demonstrating real thought leadership in strategic HR related topics and had always been a lot of fun to work with. Whoever gets a chance would for sure want to have her on their team - guaranteed!

Daniella Hansen

SE Asia Business Development Leader
Apple, Singapore

Rhonda has been one of the most significant influences in helping to truly consolidate, expand and re-direct my perspectives, personal development and strategic thinking.

Kathy Kipriotis


Through a team workshop led by Rhonda we were able to identify our core team values and put new practices in place to further strengthen our culture. Rhonda knows how to work with people at all levels. 

Thomas Harland Mackie

President & CEO, Labora Group 
Dallas, Texas USA

Rhonda has been a game changer for our organisation! 
 Her coaching and insight made the team more effective and more authentic.

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